Working principle – The working principle of CFL is same as normal fluorescent lamp. It’s a compact version of fluorescent lamp.Its smaller & easier to install. It can be fixed in the holder of Incandescent bulb. The glass tube is bent& both ends are fixed on to the base where ballast is fixed.

When the lamp is switched on, a component called the ballast produces a high voltage between the electrodes, which is necessary for the initial ionization of the gas in the tube. Once the lamp starts operating, the current and light output can be maintained using a much lower voltage.

CFLs save energy in two ways:

  • To get the same amount of light, you can replace an incandescent with a CFL that has just one fourth its rated wattage. A 100 watts incandescent lamp can be replaced by a CFL of just 25 watts without any reduction in brightness.
  • CFL produces very less heat as compared to Incandescent lamps so it reduces air conditioning load in office & commercial establishments.

A CFL saves energy due to its higher efficiency, producing the same amount of light with much lower consumption of power while generating very little heat as a byproduct.


There are two types of CFLs –1) Integrated CFL  2) Non Integrated CFLs

  • Integrated CFL – Integrated lamps combine a tube, electronicballast and either an Edison screw or bayonet fitting in a single CFL unit. These CFLs are easily fit in the holder of incandescent lamps. Integrated CFLs work well in many standard incandescent light fixtures, which lowers the cost of CFL conversion.
  • Non-integrated CFLs –There are two types of bulbs: Two-pin tubes designed forconventional ballasts and Four-pin tubes designed for electronicballasts and conventional ballasts with an external starter.

The two-pin tubes have an integrated starter in the base so it operates with conventional ballasts hence it isincompatibility with electronic ballasts.

There are different standard shapes of tubes available in market: single-turn,double-turn, triple-turn, quad-turn, circular etc.



Following points must be taken care while placing an order for CFL –

  • Wattage,
  • shape (round, tubular, spiral etc),
  • fixing arrangement – like for normal holder or threaded holder, 2-pin type, 4-pin type ect,