Definition – The amount of potential energy between two points in a circuit. Where one point has more charge than another so the difference in charges between two points is called Voltage. It is measured in Volts. It is denoted by letter V.(Note: – Voltage is an electrical force which makes current to flow in a material.)


There are two types of voltage – AC Voltage & DC Voltage

AC Voltage – It varies with respect to time&forms sinusoidal waves. AC voltage periodically reverses its direction.

Source of AC voltage –

a) Alternator – An alternator is a machine which coupled with some external rotating source & this source is turbine which may be operated from any one of the sources – steam which is produced through thermal power plant or atomic power plant, water fall which is received from Hydro Power plant,by Diesel or Gas engines, by wind power,

b) Converting DC voltage into AC voltage.

DC VoltageDC voltage doesn’t vary with time so it is represented by a straight line.

Source–Batteries, solar Cells, converting AC voltage into DC voltage.