SWITCH BOX – A Switch boxes is a rectangular shape metal/PVC box which is used to receive light, power wires & on which switches can be mounted. It is used as a junction box also.


  • According to material – Various types of switches are used such as MS, Zinc-chromate plated metal box & PVC box. Generally, MS & Zinc-chromate metal boxes are used for concealed wiring while PVC box is used for surface wiring.

(Note – MS/Zinc-chromate metal box needs to be earthed in order to avoid electrical shock.)

  • According to sizes – The size switch box depends on the number of switches & sockets which are to be mounted on it. Switch boxes are available in following sizes –

3”x3”, 3”x4”, 3”x6”, 3”x8”, 6”x6”, 6”x8” -where first digit is the height of box & second digit is width of box in inches.


Modular switches are available in different sizes/ modules. Complete detail is given below –

1 3” x 3” 2 Module(2nos-one module switch or 1no-two module switch)
2 3” x 4” 3 Module(3nos- one module switch or 1no-one module switch & 1no-two module socket/fan regulator etc)
1 3” x 6” 4 Module(4nos-one module switch or 2nos-one module switch & 1no-two module socket etc)
2 3” x 8” 6 Module(6nos-one module switch or 4nos-one module switch & 1no-two module socket/fan regulator)


Switch – Switch is a device that is used to switch on or switch off power supply of lights, power points etc.  Various types of switches are used for domestic & office purpose.

Socket – Sockets are used to connect electrical load such as heater, refrigerator, induction plate, TV, washing machine, AC, iron, table (portable) equipment such as table lamp etc.

RANGE OF SWITCHESNormal switches are available in –6A& 16A capacity.

6A switch is used for low watt loads such as bulbs, tube lights, ceiling fans, door bell, TV&for 6A socket.

16A switch is used for high watt loads such as refrigerator, geyser, iron, AC etc.

RANGE OF SWITCHESSockets are available in – 6A, 16A, capacity.

6A socket is used forlow watts load such as mobile charger, computer charger, laptop charger, table lamp, TV etc. It’s a 3pit socket. Two small dia bottom pins are used for phase & neutral & top big pin is used for earthing purpose.

16A socket is used forhigh watts load such as refrigerator, geyser, iron, AC etc.

6/16ASocket is used for both low & high watts load. It is a 5 pin socket. Top big round pin for earthing, next lower two round pins for low watts load while last two bottom pins for high watts load.

Plug Top It is a device which is a part of load connected through wire & is fixed with socket. The size of plug top (suitable for 6A socket or 16A socket) depends on the load & accordingly fit with the wire of the load.

Plug tops are available in 2 pins & 3 pins. 2 pin plug top is used for low load where earthing is not required like mobile charger etc while 3 pin is used for both low & high watts load where earthing is required for protection.