Definition – LT panel is a metal enclosure fitted with ACB, MCCB, MCB, metering, relays that is used to receive 415V supply (from one or more Transformers & DG Sets) & distribute it to various loads.

FEEDER – Feeder is a section of panel which connects electrical source/power with load through cables or bus ducts.

INCOMING FEEDER– it is the section of panel where electrical power is received by ACB/MCCB/MCBfrom source like transformers or/and DG sets& connected with outgoing feeders such as ACB/MCCB/MCB through internal bus- bars. The capacity of Incomer feeder should always be more than all outgoing feeders of that panel.

OUTGOUNG FEEDERs–It is the section of panel where load/sub panel is connected though cables etc.

BUS-BARS – Bus-bars are made up of either Aluminum or Copper (Al or Cu). These are of rectangular in shape. Incoming & outgoing feeders are connected through these bus-bars. The capacity of bus-bar depends on the load which is to be connected with it.

CABLE ALLEY – This is the section of the panel where cables (incoming/outgoing) are connected with panel feeders.(Note – panel designing is a specialized job & should be done carefully by expert in this field).